Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Comics Project Nightmare

Comics Project presents Mr. Dreamy again, mascot.

The rude and heartless Mr. Dreamy has a nightmare for dinner "cookies and milk" before bedtime. The strip Comics Project presents now is also from 2000, originally made for
I am currently working on a script of Science Fiction that deals with a subject that I like: electricity. I'm going to start climbing when I have multiple pages finished. Meanwhile I will continue with some of my old ladies strips "to make time."

As many people, I saw the end of Lost, a series that like many, I was hooked for six years. Frankly, I am of those who did were satisfied with the evolution and end of the series. Lost Something essential is that each one could consider his theories in this regard, and the series stayed true to that spirit until the end. For me personally I do not care to know the "scientific explanation" behind every fact "inexplicable" that was shown in the series. What good is knowing what it was made black smoke? It was bad, the antagonist, period. Of course, these are just my ideas and respect those who disagree. What is a fact, is that Lost gave much to talk about ... and surely will continue.

Song of the Week: Gypsy, Shakira.
Movie of the Week: Robin Hood

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