Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fishers of the Moon - page 1

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 01

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 1

They say the worst way to post a Webcomic is through Blogger, the best is by Wordpress, using ComicPress. However, whenever I let go of what people say. I have found that Blogger is relatively easy to customize and I could make it appear more or less close to that of a professional Webcomic. Only time will tell whether I was right in the meantime, here are the first page of my first "professional" Webcomic.

When I was about 18 years, I read the story of Nathalie Charles Henneber entitled "Fishers of the Moon" and I loved it. Since then I have tried to adapt the comic, the first time without much success, and that is in my DeviantArt. On this occasion, for the final course Comics and Graphic Narrative that just concluded, I decided to use the stories summarized in eight pages. On the first page know Huge Page, test pilot of the future which is not very happy in his time and ready to travel to another time when a machine invented by the Cronos Corp., but then ... good, better read on the Webcomic.

I will take these posts to mention music and movies that I like.
The song this week: Viva la Vida by Coldplay.
The film of the week: Spiderman.

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