Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Transformers - As fallen from the sky - page 04

Comics Project - Transformers - As fallen from the Sky - page 04

Comics Project - Transformers - As fallen from the Sky - pag. 4

Comics Project presents the fourth page of the Fan-Art story entitled "As fallen from the sky," starring the Transformers.
Starscream has detected the Autobot Racer and has proposed to destroy him, however Racer has other plans. Why is he such a hurry and decided to flee rather than confront Starscream?

Song of the Week: Taio Cruz - Break your heart.
Movie of the Week: Toy Story 3.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Transformers - As fallen from the sky - page 03

Comics Project - Transformers - As fallen from the Sky - page 03

Comics Project - Transformers - As fallen from the Sky - pag. 3

The Transformers have been my favorite since I saw the cartoon of the mid-80s. That's why I've dedicated this space in Comics Project.
Of all the Decepticons, Starscream is the one I find most interesting as a villain. It is the most cowardly and treacherous, and that, combined with his great ambition, it does, in my opinion, the most dangerous, both for  the Autobots and and for Megatron himself.

Song of the Week: Jason Derulo - In my head.
Movie of the Week: The Grudge 3.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Transformers - As fallen from the sky - page 02

Comics Project - Transformers - As Fallen from the Sky - page 02

Comics Project - Transformers - As fallen from the Sky - pag. 2

As I said last week, I invented the Autobot Racer, along with several others, based on the toy cars my brother Ricardo was playing. At that time I was so crazy about Transformers, that everything I saw, I wanted to draw transformed into robot. It occurs to me I should do more stories with those characters.
At the moment I am working on my last story for Comics Project, where I want to take advantage of years teaching electrical courses to develop that story. By the way, has no name yet! I am currently working on the profile of the characters, and most likely start drawing but the story is not completed in its entirety.

Song of the Week: Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body.
Movie of the Week: The A-Team.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Transformers - As fallen from the sky - page 01

Comics Project - Transformers - As fallen fron the sky - page 01

Comics Project - Transformers - As fallen from the Sky - pag. 1

As I finish polishing the details of my next story Comics Project, I present an old fan-art on Transformers. Back in black and white, and if you notice, drawn on notebook paper squares.
The Autobot Racer is my invention.

The song of the week: Justin Bieber & Ludacris - Baby.
The film of the week: Shutter Island.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Infinite Crisis

Comics Project - Infinite Crisis

This week has progressed with the science fiction story I mentioned last week, and I have the issue and now I'm working on the characters. Little by little they'll be telling of the progress and maybe some preview. Meanwhile, we continue with the old strips of Mr. Dreamy.

If you've read DC Comics, you know what a "Crisis" means. It's usually an opportunity for the publisher to give a fresh start to his characters, or introduce new ones. The first and most famous is the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths, which in 2006 was a continuation of the so-called Infinite Crisis .. That's what we pay homage these dialogues written by Juanmito, whom I had the honor of bringing in the graphics.

In the Song of the week, I'll make an exception, and instead to recommend a song, I recommend the soundtracks of the series Lost, Michael Giacchino. In fact, it's what I'm hearing at this time. : D

The Movie of the Week: Prince of Persia, Sands of Time.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Comics Project Nightmare

Comics Project presents Mr. Dreamy again, mascot.

The rude and heartless Mr. Dreamy has a nightmare for dinner "cookies and milk" before bedtime. The strip Comics Project presents now is also from 2000, originally made for
I am currently working on a script of Science Fiction that deals with a subject that I like: electricity. I'm going to start climbing when I have multiple pages finished. Meanwhile I will continue with some of my old ladies strips "to make time."

As many people, I saw the end of Lost, a series that like many, I was hooked for six years. Frankly, I am of those who did were satisfied with the evolution and end of the series. Lost Something essential is that each one could consider his theories in this regard, and the series stayed true to that spirit until the end. For me personally I do not care to know the "scientific explanation" behind every fact "inexplicable" that was shown in the series. What good is knowing what it was made black smoke? It was bad, the antagonist, period. Of course, these are just my ideas and respect those who disagree. What is a fact, is that Lost gave much to talk about ... and surely will continue.

Song of the Week: Gypsy, Shakira.
Movie of the Week: Robin Hood

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Comics Project Dreamy 22Finally the color reaches "Comics Project" by the hand of this strip I made in 2000 for ""Strip Dreamys" Site. The author of the script is Juanmito, who also created Jippy Virus; drawing and coloring is my contribution. I know that this strip is something old, and also I have on DeviantArt, but I will allow time to prepare the new material I present and I have planned it for several pages. In the next installment will give you more details.

Song of the week: Shakira, 'Waka Waka' ('This time for Africa'), theme of the 2010 World Cup.
Movie of the week: Ironman 2.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Prey - page 4 of 4

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Prey - page 3 of 4

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Prey - page 2 of 4

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Prey - page 1 of 4

The Prey

Occasionally, a note of the news paper can serve as inspiration for a story. That's the case I present below. The incident in question occurred in Southeastern Mexico, where animals like the tapir are considered an endangered species extisión and survive within nature reserves.

What happened to the real life Tapir, is the pretext for this history of Science Fiction, located in Mexico, which I present below. I have entitled "The Prey".

Mr. Dreamy and the Brain

This week I am preparing a very special project because it's the first in which the script development and drawing is with completely new characters. Meanwhile, to fulfill my promise to upload a comic every Wednesday, I present on this occasion I drew a bead ... 10 years ago! Made especially for "La Tira de Dreamys", a webcomic strip published in The script is from Juanmito.

Mr. Dreamy is the mascot of, Superman is owned by DC Comics, Animaniacs are the property of Warner Bros.

The Ambitious Little Wizard

Comics Project - The Ambitious Little Wizard

Fishers of the Moon - page 8

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 08

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 8

Fishers of the Moon - page 7

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 07
Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 7

Fishers of the Moon - page 6

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 06
Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 6

Fishers of the Moon - page 5

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 05

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 5

Fishers of the Moon - page 4

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 04
Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 4

Fishers of the Moon - page 3

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 03
Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 3

Fishers of the Moon - page 2

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 02
Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 2

Fishers of the Moon - page 1

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon 01

Comics Project - Fishers of the Moon - pag. 1

They say the worst way to post a Webcomic is through Blogger, the best is by Wordpress, using ComicPress. However, whenever I let go of what people say. I have found that Blogger is relatively easy to customize and I could make it appear more or less close to that of a professional Webcomic. Only time will tell whether I was right in the meantime, here are the first page of my first "professional" Webcomic.

When I was about 18 years, I read the story of Nathalie Charles Henneber entitled "Fishers of the Moon" and I loved it. Since then I have tried to adapt the comic, the first time without much success, and that is in my DeviantArt. On this occasion, for the final course Comics and Graphic Narrative that just concluded, I decided to use the stories summarized in eight pages. On the first page know Huge Page, test pilot of the future which is not very happy in his time and ready to travel to another time when a machine invented by the Cronos Corp., but then ... good, better read on the Webcomic.

I will take these posts to mention music and movies that I like.
The song this week: Viva la Vida by Coldplay.
The film of the week: Spiderman.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Proyecto Comics - Introduction

Comics Project - Introduction

1992 was a year that left a mark on my life. That year happened in the world of comics, "The Death of Superman", and thus began the "Comic Boom" of the early 90s.

I was 19 years old and finishing my second year of studies in architecture at the abattoir. I was fortunate to have two good friends and colleagues, Chepo and Taboada (if they ever get to read these lines, I send an affectionate greeting) who shared with me the love of sequential art. We began to write scripts for two stories, one of science fiction and another of sorcerers and warriors, who came to see some pages published in school magazines.

At that time I got my hands a book called "The Comics of Mao" (Gustavo Gili Edit.. Barcelona, 1976) Gino Nebiolo, Jean Chesneaux, and the famous Umberto Eco, which seriously address the issue of Comics, and how Chinese culture has been valued far higher than in Western culture. The conclusion I drew from this reading is that the comic is more a literary device, as valid as are the story and the novel, particularly as a means of effective communication.

Later, I was fortunate to talk briefly with a local artist who made me a gift, one of the most valuable I have received, this is the book "Understanding Comics" author Scott McCloud, through which I understood to make a Comic not just "paint monkeys to see what comes out" that the comic has a "grammar", a structure of characteristics and, above all, an art, is the Sequential Art.

Since then, with that in mind, I've been trying to make comics of a certain quality, and some results you can see my DeviantArt page, mostly on his own.

I recently had the opportunity to take a diploma course on Fiction and Comics given by Ivan Escalante, BA in Visual Arts, a graduate of the College of Arts of Yucatan, a very talented guy and experience in the middle of the Comics, of which I learned many things that must be taken into account when making a comic. This diploma is my first approach to the professionalization of my attempts self-taught.

As a result I managed to finish an 8-page short story, based on a story by Natalie Charles Henneberg called "Fishers of the Moon", published several years ago in an anthology of science fiction stories. He summarized, as adapted and the result is 8 pages that publish in the next inning.

And so begins my adventure in the world of comics, this project is to publish in this way, periodically, the stories to be developed. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed making them. Above all, I hope your criticism, I discovered that you can learn a lot from them.

I invite you to read the first comic of this blog.

New English Version

Comics Project

Welcome to Comics Project

Due to the fact that my blog Proyecto Comics has received many visits from Mountain View, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Schaumburg, Ilinois, I decided to open an English version.

So this is the English version of Proyecto Comics. It means Comics Project and the purpose is to publish the webcomics that I publish in the Spanish blog at the same time. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and remember, you can comment and criticize them with confidence.